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That’s true, but what you need to keep away from is the chick that goes bareback with every fucker that wishes to do it. That’s the chick that’ll offer you and each other fucker herpes and and so on.

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My submit wasn’t a complaint on practices; it was meant as training, primarily. I saw your post and thought it was a lecture on what grown males ought to or should not do. I’m positive Admin either read or someone reported your submit that’s why it was moved. You may claim it wasn’t a lecture however it positive learn like one to me.

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Booker knowledgeable me she’s BB good to go. We take the risk (attempt not to consider it) for the pleasure.

To each there personal though.Correction on the Herpes HSV2 no condom transmission fee. To each there own although.Good stuff there! What this all boils all the way down to is RISK MANAGEMENT! There are things one can do to decrease danger, like use a condom each time.

Plus, they will give you the proper treatment. A single shot or a two day dose immeadiately and will give you a associate take house pack. So final evening at the hill there was an older white female that was just on the lookout for enjoyable.

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It also needs to be noted that herpes transmission occurs only during breakouts, however, like most STDs, these breakouts DO NOT have to be visible. And sure, you can get STDs (herpes, HIV) from BBBJ.I even have to say that is some unhealthy stuff to know, but we must know. Safe sex is necessary, however hell BBBJ is just so good without which there is no interest.

Anyone keen to jump in and be the voice of cause? You simply have to take an opportunity if you wish to go together with this route and there’s a chance to catch something despite these girls get tested (I hope) and you yourself get tested frequently.

You are asking for advice from a mostly danger taking, sexually addicted audience here. Like most people who frequent these boards, I was a lurker who frequented AMPs based mostly on suggestions obtained here. This has been occurring for the past 5 years, despite the fact that I’m a married man. Never did it with no condom, although I do remember getting BBBJ a couple of times. Having sex with such people is risky business, even with protection.

Now I’m freaking out over potentially getting some sort of illness. Anyone right here ever get anything from such a quick exposure? Also, any help as to clinics (cheap and discrete) could be a lot appreciated.Same thing happened to me. My major concern was herpes, but no signs after 1 month.


Of course it’s a virus, its there all the time. Does this mean I should bag this lady all collectively? I do not want to have a cold sore, and I rattling certain don’t desire genital HSV.Genital herpes are brought on by HSV 2 cld sore are caused by HSV 1. I don’t wish to have a cold sore, and I damn certain don’t need genital HSV.