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More fascinating information from our former Soviet sequence

The 2011 census counted 13,843 Catholics in Armenia, representing about zero.forty six% of the total inhabitants.[1] Catholics in Armenia belong to 2 explicit churches, the Latin Rite or Western Rite (which incorporates the overwhelming majority of Catholics worldwide) and the Armenian Catholic Church. One of essentially the most-studied demographic processes in inhabitants genetics is the Neolithic growth of Near Eastern farmers into Europe starting ~8000 years ago. Armenians’ location at the northern tip of the Near East suggests a possible relationship to the increasing Neolithic farmers.

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Meanwhile, each the Ittihad (Unionist) and the Nationalists moved to win the friendship of the Bolsheviks. During the Russian Revolution, the provinces of the Caucasus seceded and fashioned their own federal state referred to as the Transcaucasian Federation. Competing nationwide pursuits and struggle with Turkey led to the dissolution of the republic half a yr later, in April 1918. As a outcome, he had been given a crown by both German and Byzantine emperors. Representatives from across Christendom and a variety of Muslim states attended the coronation, thus highlighting the essential stature that Cilicia had gained over time.[seventy one] The Armenian authorities was often in touch with the crusaders.

First Republic of Armenia

During this time, Armenia had a sizeable Azeri minority, principally centred in Yerevan. Likewise, Azerbaijan had an Armenian minority, concentrated in Baku and Kirovabad.

It occupies an space of 0.126 km² (126 dunam), which is 14% of the Old City’s whole. In 2007, it had a inhabitants of 2,424 (6.fifty five% of Old City’s whole).

Genetic evidence for an origin of the Armenians from Bronze Age mixing of a number of populations

The separation has become entrenched within the United States, with most large Armenian communities having two parish churches, one answering to each See, although they’re theologically indistinguishable. There have been quite a few lay and clergy efforts at reunion, especially for the reason that fall of the Soviet Union.

The January 2007 assassination of Hrant Dink, a Turkish citizen of Armenian descent, introduced the difficulty of Armenian–Turkish relations into the nationwide consciousness of modern Turkish residents. Dink was instrumental in getting Turks to discuss the Armenian Genocide, an effort for which he found himself the target of legal prosecution on three separate occasions.

Armenia is a landlocked country in the geopolitical Transcaucasus (South Caucasus) region, that is located in the Southern Caucasus Mountains and their lowlands between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and northeast of the Armenian Highlands. Armenia is bordered on the north by Georgia, the east by Azerbaijan; the south by Iran; and the southwest and west by Turkey. Armenia lies between latitudes 38° and 42° N, and meridians 43° and 47° E. On 21 September 1991, Armenia officially declared its independence after the failed August coup in Moscow.

These propositions are purely speculative and are largely based mostly on geographic proximity, similarity between names, linguistics, and extrapolations created from identified historic events of the time. Armenia and the Armenians were attested a number of occasions at the end of the Iron Age and the onset of Classical Antiquity. According to a study published in 2015,[5] in which a genome-extensive variation in 173 Armenians was analyzed and in comparison with seventy eight other worldwide populations, Armenians type a definite genetic cluster linking the Near East, Europe, and the Caucasus. This article is concerning the origin of the ethnic group and their country.

When within the 1740s, Abraham-Pierre I Ardzivian, who had earlier become a Catholic, was elected as the patriarch of Sis, he led a part of the Armenian Apostolic Church into full communion with the Pope and the Armenian Catholic Church was created. Liturgically speaking, the Church has a lot in common both with the Latin Rite in its externals, particularly because it was at the time of separation, in addition to with the Eastern Orthodox Church. For example, Armenian bishops wear mitres nearly equivalent to those of Western bishops. They often do not use a full iconostasis, but rather a sanctuary veil (a curtain normally with a cross or divine image in the center, used additionally by the Syriac Churches).

“Opposition MP Slams Armenian Church For Backing Government”. Armenian Apostolic Church (Russia and New Nakhichevan eparchy). “The Aršakuni Dynasty (A.D. 12-[one hundred eighty?]-428)” by Nina Garsoïan, in Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times, ed. Hovannisian, Palgrave Macmillan, 1997, Volume 1, p.eighty one. In limited circumstances, the Armenian Church allows for divorce and remarriage.[citation needed] Cases usually include either adultery or apostasy.

The office of the Agos newspaper, the place Dink was gunned down, is near the right edge of the image; it is the first home to the best of the one with the large black banner. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in Turkey, following the 2002 Turkish basic election, underneath Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Abdullah Gül with a international coverage formulated by Ahmet Davutoğlu that postulated “zero issues with neighbours” leading to new hope for Armenian–Turkish relations. The Khor Virap monastery, which dates to the 7th century, lies on the closed Turkish-Armenian border.


The Republic of Armenia and the rethinking of the North-American Diaspora in literature. This date is essential, for it marks the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, which destroyed the over two-thousand-year Armenian presence in historic, Western Armenia. “Turkey, Constitution, Government & Legislation”. On September 7, 2007, Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan introduced that Metsamor unit-2 was to get replaced with a brand new nuclear power plant constructed armenian girl on the identical site at a value of $2 billion. In 2006, after years of campaigning by French citizens of Armenian descent, the French National Assembly, in what Stephen Kinzer calls “an astonishing victory”[fifty nine] officially declared that Ottoman Turks dedicated genocide in 1915, and voted it a crime for anyone to claim in any other case.

An Armenian Byzantine princess, Maria Argyra, became Dogaressa of Venice in 1003. Armenians in Italy have had a presence since historical Roman times. On Wednesday, Armenians will vote in a presidential election that is largely considered as a battle of the 2 Armenias — considered one of wealth, the opposite of penury — which have emerged because the nation gained independence from the Soviet Union.

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Gradually, the quarter developed across the St. James Monastery—which dominates the quarter—and took its modern form by the nineteenth century. The monastery homes the Armenian Apostolic Church’s Jerusalem Patriarchate, which was established as a diocese in the seventh century AD.

Many Armenians began to demand statehood. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the takeover of the Bolsheviks, Stepan Shaumyan was positioned in control of Russian Armenia. In September 1917, the conference in Tiflis elected the Armenian National Council, the primary sovereign political physique of Armenians since the collapse of Lesser Armenia in 1375.

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